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Coaching Start Ups 101 - this is the transcription of random episode 140.


Ed discusses "How" to launch your first product or service  as a new coach. 


The reason for today's is I was coaching one of my clients yesterday, who's a young woman, she's moving into fitness and wellness, and she wants to offer her first product. So what will that be? Am I gonna offer a one on 1am? I gonna offer a short course maybe a free event. And so we were going through the strategy which which she would use. So in the four main questions of who do you want to serve? Why do you want to serve them? How do you want to serve them on? What will you serve them with the four main questions and sort of entrepreneurship one on one, today is very short episode is about how, how do I serve them. And this is for business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, anyone who is going to the market and setting up maybe your first product. And this is really for, say, digital products. So it could be a coaching session, it could be a services, we're not really doing physical today.


Okay, so say for sake of argument, it could be a download PDF, tiny little bit of information, you want to give somebody to offer value to them, to get them into, say, a funnel, we would use the word funnel isn't a wonderful word for people, but it's to bring them into your world, into your community into your tribe so that you can introduce other services to them. And he could also be maybe you want to run a free live event, or two, could be on nutrition could be on wellness, if it's in this particular one, it was on fitness and nutrition, but it can be anything you want. So we want to consider two things that you want to consider two things at the beginning one, the front end, that means what your people are going to see what your customers are going to see whether that's a social media post is a landing page on our website, what will they see, and then the back end, which is what out makes everything at the front end possible. So we're talking about the operational side of things that don't, they won't see. But which will facilitate them being able to make that download or turn up to your event or whatever else it may be. So, before you get over excited, I'm sure you we've all been there before way, right?


Okay, I want to do this, I'm going to offer my first one on one coaching session, my first live event, or here's a little bit of content. And I'm going to post that to social media right away. Okay, wonderful. I'm so glad you're excited enthusiastic about that. The question is, is how's it all going to work? Because you haven't thought about that you spent all this time crafting this beautiful social media post or email maybe. And you've used Canva to design and it looks beautiful. And of course, you're going to get crickets because no one knows what to do with it. So before you post this to social media or your email list, you've got to consider these steps one, if it's a PDF, okay, first of all, go and create the PDF, obviously, then, if it's opposed to social media or an email, how are they going to access that? How are they actually going to physically going to be able to download that? What email service do you use, which allows that or watch for using a web hosting service? Does your website allow you to do a download when I've tried to do this, there's like three different steps and you have to take them through. I use Active Campaign and Wix on my website. But there's different steps you have to do to actually allow someone to physically download something, you might need to have a landing page. So you've got to go and create that. Okay, you might create that on your own website already. Or you might go to someone like Kajabi, where my teaching landing pages are or drop funnels when it gets much more advanced and complicated. But say we're talking day one, you need somewhere where they can go to actually access that. And then what happens when they've got that? So they've actually managed to download that? What's the purpose of that download?


Do you want to capture their email. So again, they can be part of your community, if you don't capture their email, you've got no way of talking to them ever again. The only exception to that is if you have the Facebook pixel installed when you can retarget to them. But that's a big ask, right? You're asking someone to come in get a freebie you might never hear from them again. And the only option you have, the only option is to retarget to them using a Facebook pixel. Okay, so you might have lost them forever. So what we really want to do is capture an email. So how are you going to do that? Well, you need to have a registration page. And on that registration page, which has a landing page, you will say just give me your first name and your email address or just maybe an email address and you can download as simple as that. But you need to have a landing page. So you need to create one on your website or you need to use her landing page builder to do that. Okay. And then what happens when they've downloaded it so you've now got their email address, you've sent them the download. Okay, so you've said that you've got that structure set up, then what happens?

Is that the end of it. Now what we want to do is send them an email saying thanks very much for this download. I really hope you enjoy it maybe pays Pay specific attention to this and his maybe his video which I explained it in more detail and you go to my YouTube channel, so you keep them in your community, and you give them more access to your community. And then maybe you have an email sequence, maybe 1, 3, 5, 7, 14 days after that, where you keep following up with them. By the way, now you've got this, have you thought about this, I've got this, this other product or service you may be interested in now you could upsell something at the point of download. But let's not get complicated today, let's just think about the basics, very first offer to market. So we want a few emails in there to warm them up once they've got that download. So we introduce them to another service. Now you can do that randomly, which is you will do that manually 135 714 days later, or you can do it in an automated way. And you can use say Active Campaign, which is the autoresponder I use or you can use one built into your own website, I think Wix has got them probably Go Daddy's got them, if you're doing it at a very simple level, we want to start thinking about these things. Otherwise, we put a lot of effort in and we miss opportunities. So first one is we got to create the download second one or the event second one is linked to access it. Third one is capture the email or a Facebook pixel. Ideally, both we want both for what happens when you get there.


So we need to set up an email sequence. Five, just make sure that you check in that when you're going to launch this is not in the middle of holiday season, it's not a good or a bad time potentially for your clients, your audience. So think about the structure of mapping out your time. And when you offer products. If you're going to offer a free event, how are you going to host that you could just do it on Facebook or Instagram Live? That's fine. But again, how do we capture their attention, if you're just gonna do on Facebook, and Instagram, and you're just simply saying, here's the date and time turn up again, you can't capture an email from that. So once they've turned up and gone, you've got no way of introducing them to other offers, you've got no way of saying thank you, you're relying purely on doing it within that that social media platform. A great way to do it is to do it because it's free. And it's easy, but you've got no way of talking to them afterwards. Right. So we sort of want to capture their email, because email is still considered the gold standard of how we communicate or or mobile number, so you can text them, or you can SMS them or you can WhatsApp them, we need some other way of communicating with them.


Okay? If you're going to take a payment for the download, or maybe the after the, the you're going to offer an upsell or a couple of days later, by the way, now you've got this, would you consider this 2797 $47 program? Or maybe it's more, you've introduced into a free live event now would you like to do something paid? It's a great, great idea, how are we going to manage taking the payment for that? Because if someone's going to pay you and they're not paying you cash, and it's a digital service, we need to understand how do we pay them now you can go to paypal, and you can set that up. Probably many people in the past were very used to using PayPal nowadays, maybe not so much. You can still offer it but you still need to have an account, you still need to have your account verified, right. So PayPal will put $1 Or a cent in 50 cents in your account, make sure it's real. So if you don't have that already, go and set that up. Okay, if you're not going to do that, and you're going to go for it.


So payment gateway, I use stripe, st rip stripe, but you need to set that up, you need to go to stripe, you need to register account register your business, you need to have a verified you need to have your bank accounts verified so that you can receive money from them. Right. So there are things that we need to think about in the backhand before we go instantly to mark and say hi, I'm here, I love you come and work with me, we've got to make sure that it works. There's no point putting all this energy and thought into something if we can't follow it up, okay. And then, you know, if that is a payment gateway, and you've set that up, and you've integrated it into your your website, or wherever, whatever you're going to use, then again,
what happens when they paid Thank you, thank you very much. So we need, you know, the download page, the thank you page, and if they're going to pay the tax into another page, they pay and you say thank you again, and then we put them into a new series of emails, thank you very much.


Here is the event is going to happen on this day. This is how you access it. So I'm not going to go into any more detail. I know that you're probably could be a little bit overwhelmed. But if this is the first time you're doing this, we just want to think about not just the the heart centered we love what we do is purposeful is meaningful. That's wonderful. That's why we do this. But we need to also understand We're also running a business. And if you're going to run your business efficiently, there are things that we should be looking at immediately, so that you optimize the time you spend with the people you love who are your customers and clients anyway, I'm Andrew, you can always reach me at at at Android COMM or Instagram or you can go to my So lots of ways different message to find to reach me on LinkedIn. I just said Andrew send me a message send me an email. Look forward to talking to you again if you love this, please subscribe that way more people will get to hear this message. Anyway, thank you so much. Wishing you a great day speech again soon. Bye

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