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High Performance Coaching

21,000+ people coached

40 countries

4 companies built on 3 continents

8 figures in revenue

A bit about me

I am an author and high performance coach integrating business strategy and life skills to help you reach your optimal potential, achieving the outcome of financial, emotional and mental freedom. I am also host of the Human Impact podcast.

I am here to guide you on your journey, I have helped over 21,700 people in 40 countries transform their work and life, and coached them through their career, business and life transition whether to a new job, setting up a business or simply being more fulfilled with the work they already do. I coach high achievers and emerging leaders including Fortune 100 CEO's, world champion athletes, veterans, established entrepreneurs and start up founders. As a successful entrepreneur I have built 4 different companies on 3 continents and grown to 7 figure profits.

Like many entrepreneurs I have experienced the peaks of a highly successful business and the pain of closing companies without reward. I took a deep journey of exploration into my own health, mindset and lifestyle to transform my own patterns and beliefs figuring out how I truly wanted to live my life without constraint. I bring all my learning of business, leadership, neuroscience, NLP and mindfulness to my high performance training practice, integrating the best of Western and Eastern teaching practices of work, neuroscience, and life experience. 


If you are ready to join the 1%, in fact I believe it is the top 0.1%, of humans looking to align their life, business and career that best enables you to maximise your potential and get clarity on every area of life then book a discovery call today to find the change you’ve been seeking.

As our time is precious and I want to dedicate all of my energy to you I only work privately 1:1 with a handful of people at a time, most of my private clients are invitation only from my other programs, so please take a minute or two to complete this simple form and that way I can understand the best way I can help you.   

It may be that working with me privately is not the best solution for you and I will be clear about that, my other programs may work better.


Once we receive your information the team and I will send you a link to book a time to talk. We always aim to do this within one business day. 

Work with Ed

Happy Clients

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“What convinced me about the course is that Ed has 25 years experience in managing careers of over 19,000 people in over 40 locations across the world. Additionally, Ed endeavored on a 6 year long personal journey of healing and self awareness. His course empowers you passionately step by step towards achieving your goals in work and life. And on the way you learn so many important skills like emotional resilience, stress relief, how to banish your fears, and develop new habits"


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"I really appreciate you, what you've done for me. Because you allowed me to find myself, as a man. I don't think I ever would have made this breakthrough on my own. I am now living my best life, I have found my creativity that I was suppressing for decades!" 


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