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Professor George Paxinos

Environmental Activist & Neuroscientist

Humans will be extinct within 1,000 years. Ed Andrew talks to acclaimed neuroscientist and environmental activist Professor George Paxinos about how the future of our planet is in our hands though we are unlikely to do anything about it due to human evolution. He believes that the anatomy of our brain will prevent us from making the radical choices we need to preserve humanity.

George was the first person to map the human mind and has over 50 published books. Though today he has just written his first novel A River Divided based on his knowledge of neuroscience, human evolution and eco-activism. He prefers to call himself an environmental activist rather than scientist as this is where his passion lies. We take a deep dive into the human mind, its never ending narrative and how only our relation to our personal environment can change our behaviour. 

Contact George and buy A River Divided at the link below.

Professor George Paxinos
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