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Jeff Lerner

Founder & CEO ENTRE Institute

From broke jazz musician to award-winning entrepreneur… Jeff Lerner’s story and teachings

have inspired millions to get control of their future and reshape their life.

After a decade of building 3 businesses to over 8 figures and landing multiple times on the INC 5000, Jeff turned his focus to building the world’s first global education platform for entrepreneurs.

Jeff Lerner is the CEO and founder of ENTRE Institute, a business with revenue over $50m.

In 2019 he founded ENTRE, now one of the fastest growing education platforms in the world,

with over 300,000 “ENTREpreneurs”. Entre is the world’s first “whole life transformation”

platform which combines his Life OS (“The ENTRE Way”) with ENTREpreneurship and modern business training.

Jeff talks to Ed Andrew about entrepreneurship, how passion can change and fade in your business, how to re-ignite purpose, achieving success through failure and why self-mastery is the most important business skill.

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Jeff Lerner
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