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Dr Erica Risberg

Voiceover Artist

Erica Risberg is a long time professional voiceover artist, podcaster, critical thinker and with a Ph.D. in Cultural History.  She came into this life wanting to know the answers to the pervasive question, why.  Why do our biases and beliefs contribute to our developing personalty when really, we all want the same things – peace, love and prosperity?  Why is fear such a stumbling block that seems so pervasive on our quest for peace, love and prosperity?

She blends her talents of research, cultural history, and a professional voiceover artists to share what she have learned from world wide thought leaders on her quest to living a more peaceful, loving and prosperous life.

Erica talks to Ed Andrew about taking a vow of peace, all things mind body and soul and how important it is to connect wth our emotions and spend less time in our logic brain.

Talking Points

  • learning about separation, her quest from childhood, - the origin of her podcasting and voiceovers, finding her skill 


  • taking a vow of peace , "numbing herself out and pretending in US we don’t have emotions" (6)


  • on being sensitive - feeling your feelings, internalising them and disconnecting


  • "I cannot keep numbing myself out without the experience of joy"  


  • turning down Monsanto - do the due diligence and aligning to your values 


  • staying in tine with your heart - "my brain has been a pain in my ass most of my life", listening to red flags and intuition


  •  grounding and being human 19 - being connected to Earth and managing stress


  • understanding the languages, human behaviour of different people, discussing active listening and tuning in (30)


  • discussing grace and compassion - don’t be so compassionate that you go into victim mode, release the feelings don’t dwell in them


  • discussing expansion and ascension in spirituality, not being better just being different, discussing the ego and comparison (38) 


  • masculine and feminine energy, dealing with an unawake person, matching the frequency and energy with the person you are talking to - on being uncomfortable (41)


  • discussing her podcast "All things in the same of Love"


  • allowing yourself to tune in and actually find your feelings, allow yourself to cry, her own tips for tuning in and getting uncomfortable


  • the power of good nutrition - (51)

Dr Erica Risberg
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