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How does the ripple effect maximise your business growth and reach?  How does it enable us to help the greatest amount of people?

​In this random episode with Ed Andrew I share insight into a coaching class with a student discussing the Ripple Effect, letting go of ego and control to hold space and guide people through transforming their lives and businesses. 

full text of the episode.


Today, I'm also going to add in a snippet from one of the coaching sessions I have with one of my clients this week, because a very interesting and quite critical issue came up. And interestingly, it's the very same week that I had appointed a new mentor coach for myself, just to make sure that I always stay on track. And the so the episode today is around holding space, it's around money and freedom is around blocking the rhythm, the natural flow that we have, or how to make sure that we don't block that it's around, particularly for men, but it applies to women as well, if we are trying to protect the family, or you're the breadwinner in the family, and where control pops up, and we're controlled, pops up and then ego pops up.


And then we are not holding space anymore. And we're actually blocking what is called divine feminine energy, which is for ourselves, which is our creativity, our nurturing. And also we can block that within our family. So it's really interesting episode or short episode today. So I'll start by saying this. The reason it came up as I was just appointed a new mentor coach, then we were looking at the things which maybe I struggle with maybe my own weaknesses, we're all human, we all have them.


And rigidity came up but control and obviously, that's from being a business owner in the past was not really having to look after anyone else apart from me. And being the sole provider, I don't think that I tried to control anyone that says I don't really care what my wife and children want to do. In the sense of, it's really up to them, I want them to be as independent as they want to be. But because I am the breadwinner in the family, I'm the one who makes the money, I suppose therefore there is some sort of some subconscious control there as to what goes on in the family. And what happens is, when we try to try to control an outcome when we try to force something through, say maybe in your business, or at home, when it's not going quite the way you want it to. So rather than sitting, reflecting, stopping, going back into our intuition, we tried to use our mind our logic brain to force that to control it.


And when that happens, ego pops up. And that's the one that actually doesn't pop up that is Ctrl as a symptom of ego. And so the message we need to do is say stop and reflect recalibrate, find out what that message is, it's okay that it happens because we're human, and it's going to happen we have ego self is fine. It's just a question of when it manifests itself. If it blocks other things for you. It's not okay. One of the tendencies, particularly for men or people who who earn the money in the household is that we have this sense of we need to protect we need to nurture. And we also if you are that person who likes to protect and provide you can have a tendency to also want to be needed as well and in the family. And in business.


We don't need to control and protect what we need to do is hold space and actually in the coaching, while holding spaces, and psychological safety is probably the most important skill that you can possibly have. That's not trying to control anything. It's just allowing things to happen and guiding someone through that process. And I think this is part of the conversation I had with with Rod and my own coach is around holding that space, then we look at things like he came up with money.


So one of my one of the people who came was talking to me about coming the program is homeless, they're a veteran. They desperately want to get back on their feet, that really soulful and because they couldn't pay they didn't come in and this question was raised and my coach was saying to me, Well, just think Do you want to work with that person? Yes or no? The answer is yes. If there was a room of 100 of us what I asked them to come for free. Yes. Because I really believe they're invested in me so well, provided they're accountable to the program, provided they show up like everybody else. Why wouldn't you want them there? Because there is a connection. There's like a soul connection for you to help that person and you've just blocked them and push them away simply because they don't have money. And if the answer for you is that freedom to me, life is about freedom.


And we can associate incorrectly freedom to well freedom to money because money does allows you to everything and then we put a price on a product or service as opposed to thinking what I'm going into the world to do is to provide a service and money will flow from that as opposed to just trying to create wealth, wealth will come as a natural result of you being in rhythm in flow with your business or your work or whatever it is you do. Right we hold space, the divine masculine energy is the receiver and we can't receive if we block and control, it doesn't allow that to happen. Also, it means that we also don't allow divine feminine, which is the other part of the natural aspect of us as a human. So we don't allow that to create and nurture, which is its natural place to do. So A, we're blocking ourselves. And we're also blocking any other divine feminine energy that we have around us in our environment and our friendships in our family and our business.


So really important. And the other thing he said is, of course, don't forget this ripple effect, you can help that one person who maybe can pay you $1, maybe the course is you know, $2,000 they can pay you $1 today, but maybe in 12 months, they'll pay you the other 90 999 Imagine how powerful it is for that person to go and say I had nothing and add allow me in and look where my life is that now that person will be loyal, and devoted to you in devoted in the sense of loyal rather than anything else to you forever, because you have allowed them in. And you see what happens is what I was talking to Rod is that our business mind, particularly if you're a longtime business owner, or involved in businesses, your logic mind kicks in so on, we don't get paid, I'm not doing it for free. But we missed the point of that ripple effect, we missed the point of actually what it is we're trying to do in this world, which is to serve and help people, whatever it is your business is.


So very important. It's about freedom, the wealth will flow from that you can have as much money as you possibly want. And you can do whatever you want with that, when you're in that rhythmic that flow state, and we're not blocking either feminine or masculine energy. So it's about holding space for someone and to me, everything I do in coaching is about holding space. And yet at times, I missed the point myself because of our own human weaknesses. So I hope you enjoy this, you're going to get a little extract now of the conversation between rod and I, it's not going to be very long. But I hope it helps you understand why as human beings, even though we sometimes have all the answers, we can still get off track. And it's okay to do that. But it's also about knowing how do we recalibrate when that happens.


Okay, hope you enjoy divine masculine energy is holding is holding space to allow the divine feminine, to create, and to nourish and nurture. And when we go into protection and control, we block the divine feminine, long term business career, and also very spiritual person. And how do we blend the two together. And so what you do is you don't blend it for yourself. So it's very interesting because everything I do is around holding space. And now it's about letting go of the control of how the business develops. So you can apply the strategy to will I make money and metrics and things like that, but you've got to allow things to come into you.


Rod: Well, that's a dichotomy right there. Like
it's, it's an interesting because you are, there's nothing wrong with using your mind to strategize a problem, provided your ego is not allowing your mind to overrule the emotion of something's not quite right.

That's what my winner does three to six months, develop that template, start making and start creating a program. Because I believe that, like you said to him, I belong there. I belong in this. And you and I feel now in my heart I


Ed: Your soul belongs that you have and this is the other thing that he was saying that I had neglected in and this is what we do as business people we we we can neglect things because we go back into our mind, right? And he said with a homeless veteran, I've got to send an email to so do you know the thing what you're forgetting is the ripple effect of that one person going out there if you if you want to help us touch as many lives as you can.


That's why I built the Academy because I can coach you, you can go and coach 1000 People 10,000 People, I can coach 100 of you and coach 100,000 people, right? And that's the ripple effect. And he's saying with that homeless veteran that you have a connection to has been put in front of you. His ripple effect of him being able to say to other people I've worked with this person when I had nothing and look what I've done now.


Doesn't matter if it's him or someone else is so powerful. You can't buy that unless where Yeah, and is and is absolutely connected to your soul's purpose. However, there will be plenty of business gurus who would tell you you are absolutely mad To do that, because I'll say if they're not spending $1, then there's no financial investment, there's no transaction, they're not going to turn up to the call and you have someone who you are connected to. And you know that there's just this thing inside them that needs to rise up and shine. Who's to say whether we should or shouldn't help them as much financial value that is after right?


Rod: It's bigger than that.


Ed: It's much bigger if our core mission is to help people's recover their soul, and then do whatever else they want to do in the world having done that, then it then what he's saying is it shouldn't only be about money, so you've listened to that. I really hope you enjoyed it. 

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