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#99 Dr Gleb Tsipursky

The Disaster Avoidance Expert 

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Dr Gleb Tsipursky is known as the Disaster Avoidance Expert and author of Never Go With Your Gut, an acclaimed professor and academic in cognitive bias, behavioural economics and neuroscience. His cutting-edge thought leadership was featured in over 400 articles and over 350 interviews including Fast Company, CBS, Time, Inc, Psychology Today, Business Insider.


Gleb is an in demand speaker and business coach on the international stage and he talks to Ed Andrew about cognitive bias leadership, intuition, the two mind systems and the 5 questions we should all ask ourselves to avoid common disasters at work and home.  

Talking points

  • migrating from Moldova aged 11, parents engineers and doctors, and the power of decision making (5)


  • growing up in the tech boom, in the USA, watching bad decisions in investment, 


  • on turning his back on medical school, more passionate about addressing suffering, money and social status was important for being a doctor but more fulfilled and motivated to do my work, (14)


  • careers and choices, "people from a in immigrant background don’t do this" (14)


  • studying behavioural economics and cognitive neuroscience, masters program at Harvard studying regional area Russian Eastern European - (16)


  • the link between bias, leadership and poor decision making, optimism bias and the WeWork example (22)


  • optimism and normalcy bias,  we tend to assume that everything will go normally and we forget pattern breaks - (25)


  • look out for what is going to trip you up - SWOT analysis and what people do wrong


  • writing "Never go with Your Gut" - 7 years as a professor, MA and PHD, 15 years as an academic, 


  • discussing our 2 mental systems - autopilot systems emotions, intuitions, feeling - intuitive instincts - intentional system - newer system evolved to deal with social environment, rational logical abstract and slower - intentional system retrains the auto pilot system (35)


  • intuition is what is comfortable  - adaptive behaviour to know that comfort is bad for you, shut down or attack is natural intuitive - flight/flight so you train intuition to cope with modern environment (39)


  • learning about topics, optimism bias, normalcy, pessimism bias, learn from people, who have the opposite perspective (42)


  • discussing red flags - actual or perceived threats and anxiety, identifying liars and non liars 52%, greatly over confident about our intuition - (44)


  • need cognitive diversity and cultural diversity (47)


  • discussing the two techniques to address threats, real or perceived threat 


  • the 5 question method to get away from primal state, use effective counter intuitive state, not trust yourself, 


  • discussing why 80% of M&A fails and destroys value - use effective techniques which are not intuition - check your intuition and check with your head

The 5 Questions


  • what important information did I not yet consider, 

  • what dangerous judgement errors did I not yet consider, 

  • imagine what would a trusted and objective suggest what they would do - the  asking them

  • how have I addressed all the ways that this could fail

  • what new evidence would cause me to change my mind

To contact Gleb click on the following social links

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  • Twitter
  • YouTube

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Ed Andrew is the host of Human Impact. Initially a lawyer in London Ed has for the past 20 years been a global entrepreneur. He battled prostate cancer at 42 and is now one of the world's leading career coaches and life strategists helping people learn how to thrive at home and work. 


“One of the great joys of a podcast is that people realise there are other people like them and at least once a week or once a day to do something out of the ordinary so that their life can have a new horizon - and that is what your program does"


“Great podcast host! Prepared well for our conversation and asked relevant and interesting questions. Our conversation flowed very well. Highly recommended"


“I had the honor of going on the Ed Andrew's podcast, as well as interviewing him on the Humans 2.0 podcast. Ed has the ability to penetrate an individual's perceptual apparatus to give them a glimpse of who THEY REALLY ARE which is a 21st-century superpower. I highly recommend checking out Ed's show and his consulting services"


“I have been interviewed on a number of podcasts recently and been intrigued by the different approaches the interviewers take. Some view it as a conversation, others an interrogation. This interview with Ed Andrew was definitely one of the more enjoyable ones!"


“I so appreciate you kind words and support, Ed. Your podcast taught both of my parents new things about me just by listening. Thanks for making it happen"


“You really held space and created a safe and open environment for me to share a vulnerable part of my path. I'm forever grateful for this and your friendship Ed. Cheers to slowing down and asking ourselves some powerful reflective questions."


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